Hello All…

I finally be able to write my first post to this blog. Ummm actually it’s not the first, but the first serious one. I registered this blog a while ago, 2009 I recall. But I haven’t got the time ever since. I posted once and suddenly forgot this blog along the way. Now I am back and hopefully will post regularly.

In the last few years, I have been playing a lot with photography. So this blog (as the title suggest) will be much about the world of photography; my personal thought, latest work, story behind the pictures, and probably will do some review if possible.

I hope this blog will be useful and interesting. Feel free to leave any comment and sorry for my bad English.

Here is my first picture posted 🙂


Bajak Lala, a Mentawai Shaman


7 thoughts on “Welcome!!!

  1. congratulation for”the first serious one” blog..
    there is always first time for everything 😉
    keep blogging, keep cursing!! wkwkkkwkw….

  2. Rio Yonanda says:

    MANTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP en……………..katuju bana de uda isi blog sadonyo…………penulisannya pun gampang dimengerti dan memberikan informasi………………….salute en……………

  3. oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii bibiieeeeeeeee

    la jadi tukanggg photo kini yoooooo

    ok lahhhhhh selamattt berkarya sajooo

    suksessss selaluuuu dari kawan lamomu yg terlupakannnn

    lai jua gimmmmm juo laiii
    apo gim baru kini

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