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A Brand New Day

The last few weeks have seen me contemplating for a decision; moving to a big city.  O.k let’s make it clear. Big cities? I was never a big fan of them. Just to be honest, I never really lived in a big city before, the thing that probably made me never love it. My case now is about Jakarta, the Indonesian capital that jam-packed by millions people, cars, and skyscraper brick walls. I’ve visited it a lot in the past, but never really get myself into it. However, time passed and opportunity offered. After think about it for a while, I finally decided to move and give it a try.

So what am I doing in Jakarta? Shooting pictures for sure. I cannot think of doing something else. For the last few years I’ve been doing what I like to do and I don’t think it’s time to give it up, or at least not yet. But there’s a slight difference between what I have done before and the thing I am doing now. Commissioned for Tempo, an Indonesian leading news magazine, it’s no longer about travel pictures, but more to portrait and photojournalism. I will still shoot travel pictures though, but for now I will try to tackle and do the best to this new challenge. I just feel that there are a lot to learn from this.

Above is my first photo session and publication for Tempo. It’s a portrait of Andi Mallarangeng, Indonesian Minister for Sport and Youth Affair. I did it for this week Interview pages which discuss about the conflict between Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) and Indonesian Government. The interview are published both in Indonesian and English edition. The latter will be available in the newsstands as far as Europe within few days.

Final words, it’s a brand new day and there’s always first time for everything. I eagerly will look forward for more 🙂


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