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Ali Topan: Revival

It’s time for a little update.  My days in Jakarta are just fine. The job are just perfect for now; taking portraits, do some level of post-processing, captioning, and everything is done.

My last assignment for TEMPO was to photograph the preparation of the musical theatre of Ali Topan. If you’re an Indonesian at the age of 25 or more and don’t know who/what Ali Topan is, then you’re simply ou of league :). For any Indonesian below 25 you can ask your parents. Your father should know him, or even struggled to become another Ali Topan in his past. 🙂

O.k, so now you’ve known him; the iconic character of Indonesian past scene which marks the late 70s timeline. Although most of you might recognize hime from the mid 90s TV series, the story is based on the novel written by Teguh Esha, a bright star in the world of Indonesian journalism at that time. Some people assume the story is actually based on facts and Teguh Esha personal account. He, which we also paid a visit and interviewed, didn’t deny it.

Dendy & Kikan as Ali Topan & Anna

Teguh Esha, the author of Ali Topan in his house.

Now, in form of musical theatre, both Ari Tulang, the famous Indonesian choreographer, and Dian HP, a musician, brought Ali Topan back into view. The key role on the stage is played by Dendy (Mike’s Apartment vocalist) as Ali Topan and Kikan (ex-Cokelat vocalist) as Anna, Ali’s pair. The performance lasted from 11th to 17th of April 2011 in Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta.

My focus for the assignment was about everything behind the scene so I didn’t photograph the performance. I travel to Teguh Esha house twice and wait for both Dendy & Kikan in some boring hours just for 3 minute shooting chance. At the end, the photographs are just as good as I imagined. 🙂

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