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Interviewing the National Hero

A quick post. An intermezzo from my European travel posts if you really tired of it.

Last week, I had a chance to photograph Rudy Hartono, a former world champion badminton player for TEMPO. It was a special interview regarding nowadays Indonesian struggle for its long tradition in this sport. In the last few years, Indonesian reputation in badminton is getting worse and worse. Interviewing Rudy hopefully will give the Indonesian some idea why. And he did it. He eagerly stated his personal point of view.



Talking about Rudy Hartono, he’s one of the few national sport heroes of Indonesia. More than a hero, he’s a living legend. He won men’s singles of All England Badminton Championship as much as 8 times, which 7 consecutively from 1968 to 1974. Making him a record of no one can beat until today. No wonder he is one of the most famous player in the history of sport.

And these days, if you are interested to know, he roles as a successful businessman.

The Selected Photograph for Publication

You can read the whole interview in TEMPO 5 July 2011 edition.

Selected Image for TEMPO English Edition

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