Opinion, Photojournalism

The Number 66

Infested with corruption and social problems, that’s Indonesia today. It’s seemed that 66 years after its declaration of independence things just never get better. While the majority of Indonesian today are struggling for live, its leader are too busy thinking about what political maneuver to be done. A good recent sample; is there any reason behind the awarded Adipradana Medal of Service to Indonesian president’s wife if not something about the next election? Well you can guess.

The rising Indonesian flag at Makassar's Slum

And so now, most of the time I cannot help myself to avoid a developing pessimistic state of mind. I always have been wondered about a better situation, not only in 17th of August, but everyday. And It always let me down again and again. The 66 is seemed no more than just number which keep adding every year.

But anyway, bon (i hope so) anniversaire my only love (and my only reason today to keep posting even I’m not in the mood to do so) Indonesia!!!


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