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Back to Kunming

Today, we’ll be traveling back to Kunming. After 4 days in some remote corners of Yunnan‒we spent half of it on the bus‒I am starving to see a bigger city scene, relaxing, and simply doing nothing. But it will be a merely 9 to 10 hours. By the time you read this (this post will be published automatically), I’ll be rubbing my back, smoking a chinese cigarette, having a chat with the fellow photographers, or sleeping uncomfortably while our bus passing the rugged terrain of Yunnan. That’s possibly the best thing I can do to enjoy the last part of the trip.

A Chinese Couple at Lincang's Street Stall

The day before, we’ve missed the lively city scene of Nan Sa, just like we’ve missed Gengma, the first city of the trip. Yesterday, we arrived in Lincang quite early. So, as the last stop I didn’t want to miss the last opportunity getting around the city.Lincang, a modest developing city, was small enough to be roamed on foot.

I decided to left my dinner at the hotel and explored some parts of Lincang. With Marko Rupena, my company a photographer from Serbia, we were able to capture some shots. We manage ourself photographing some street scene, beauty shop, street stall, and motorcycle workshop. Even we went to an electronic shop, this time was nothing to do with taking photographs at all; I couldn’t resist to buy a portable loudspeaker which is incredibly cheap. Made in China for sure.

Yunnan's Rugged Terrain

A Hairdresser & Chairman Mao

My experience of visiting some Chinese cities of is memorable. I am all new to China, but all that I can say, its people are one of the warmest and most kind-hearted I ever encounted anywhere. I cannot speak Chinese/Mandarin‒and very few Chinese speak English. But there’s one language that everyone understands; a smile. And the Chinese are just never get bored to smile.

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you posted 🙂


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