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China: A Short Retrospective

Preparation of 62th PRC Celebration

Within 3 days, China, or oficially the People’s Republic f China (PRC), will celebrate its 62th establishment. Yesterday, while wandering below the grey sky of Chengdu and its crowded street, I saw its on-going preparation. Some huge flower bouquet were stacked near Tainfu Square, while at the same time, hundreds of workers were deployed.

62 years after its establishment, PRC is one of nowadays world’s major power. Looking at it today left me wondering, how could a country that decades ago were considerably poor (not mentioning its record of Great Chinese Famine) lately turned into an economic powerhouse, military power, and an important player in world politic.

By looking even deeper into its people, decades ago, they hardly could afford more than a small radio. Don’t ask about cars because washing machine was once a luxury. But today, many Chinese drive the latest cars possible; Mercedes Benz, BMW, Buick, or even a Lamborghini that I saw the other day. Many Chinese today enjoy an amount of money that could be never imagined by their own parents before. It’s not to mention its cities parking lot which always full and shopping center in almost every corners. PRC is living to its fullest.

Chairman Mao Statue at Chengdu's Tianfu Square

Of course, what’s written above is not probably all true. Far from its teeming cities, in its rural part, many Chinese still live for less than a dollar a day. Making life seemed impossible. However, by comparing it as a whole, 62 years after proclaimed by Chairman Mao, PRC has never been so bright.


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